Los Angeles Property Management Services

Why Use a Property Management Company?

Handling a rental property isn’t easy, and it gets more difficult as you add more properties to your portfolio. That’s where we can help, as we offer property management services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, to take care of everything related to your rentals. 

With our experience and resources, we can manage every property you have, while ensuring full satisfaction for both you and your tenants. There are many benefits to hiring a property manager for investors and homeowners.

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For Investors

Real estate has consistently been one of the best investment opportunities. Not only do properties typically appreciate, but you can also rent them out to generate passive income. Ideally, you’ll have an asset that’s increasing in value and making you money every month, and you can always buy more properties to boost your profits.

The problem is that when you’re the one managing your properties, your income isn’t entirely passive. You need to find tenants, collect rent, handle repair requests and much more. And there’s more to do the more properties you add, meaning this isn’t scalable.

That’s why you need a property management company. They do all that work for you, leaving you free to pursue other opportunities.

For Homeowners

Plenty of situations come up in life where you could own a home but live elsewhere. Maybe you need to move immediately and you either haven’t sold your home yet or you’d like to keep it in your family. Perhaps you already have a home and decided to purchase a vacation or retirement home.

A property manager can assist you in any of those situations. If you want to keep the home, they can lease it to qualified and thoroughly vetted long-term renters. If you want to sell it, they can facilitate that even when you’re not in the area.

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The Property Types We Manage

Our team works with investors and homeowners, and we cover a wide range of property types, including everything from the smallest single-family homes to massive apartment complexes with hundreds of units.

With extensive experience, we can handle any type of property and rental. We know how to work with homeowner’s associations (HOAs) to keep the whole community happy. We’re not limited to residential properties, either, as we also manage commercial buildings.

Single Family


Townhomes & Condominiums



Rental Properties

Marketing & Advertising - Finding Renters

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a property manager is getting your rental rented out as quickly as possible.

When you have a vacant unit, our first step is a thorough evaluation where we make sure everything is compliant with Los Angeles rental codes and look for any potential issues. We consider ways to cut your costs on that unit and make more money from it. After any necessary repairs are complete and the unit is cleaned, we’ll put it on the market.

With our knowledge of online marketing, we’ll be able to generate plenty of interest in the property. Since what’s most important is finding the best possible tenants, we check that applicants meet several requirements, including a minimum income and credit score. We run a background check and contact references, including previous landlords.

After we’ve chosen the right tenant, we do the move-in inspection with them. This involves both inspection forms that the tenant signs and photographs we take, two crucial pieces of evidence to verify the condition of your property prior to the tenant’s move-in.

You don’t need to worry about writing up a lease agreement when you work with us because we have an attorney who does that for us. All leases follow the laws here in California, and we’ll go answer any questions the tenant has about their lease when they sign it.


On Time Rent Collection

Although most tenants don’t cause any trouble, especially with our thorough screening process, there’s always the possibility that issues arise with the rent collection. If any issues arise, we can take care of it without you needing to get involved.

The lease agreement we use includes late fees, which we will issue and collect if a tenant doesn’t pay their rent on time. We send legal notices to tenants when necessary, and we also document them for evidence and let you know what happened in a monthly report we send you.

If a tenant needs to be evicted, we’ll handle it while complying with California’s laws. Should you be summoned to court for an eviction or any other matter related to the property we manage, we can go for you and represent your interests.


Full Service
Property Management in LA

To keep your tenants happy, ensure the rent is paid on time and protect your property, we take care of any issues that could arise. We’ll represent you anytime a tenant needs something, responding promptly to all tenant calls and emails. For immediate tenant issues, we provide a 24-hour emergency line.

  • Cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • And More
  • Cosmetic Upgrades
  • Building Maintenance
  • Unit Turns
  • Capital Improvements
  • Code Compliance
  • Full Service Janitorial
  • And More!

If any maintenance or repairs are needed, we will send professionals who can do the job efficiently. We review our repair professionals periodically to verify that they’re doing high-quality work and charging a reasonable price. We know that you may want to be consulted on big-ticket repairs, and for anything over $500, we will get multiple estimates and recommendations for you to look over. For emergency repairs, we’ll notify you and aim to make the unit habitable again as soon as possible.

Traditional rent payment methods are outdated and increase the likelihood of rent payments getting lost. We avoid this by using electronic rent collection, allowing tenants to pay by an online payment system, automatic deductions or direct deposits. It’s 100-percent secure, it’s fast and it’s easy for tenants to use. Funds are also transferred to your account electronically, and you’re free to check rent payment records anytime you’d like.

When a tenant moves out, we always set up a move-out inspection. We compare this with our documentation from the move-in inspection to see if the tenant damaged anything. To avoid any lengthy vacancies, we have repairs done right away, getting the unit back in pristine condition so that we can list it again. We don’t return security deposits until we’ve repaired any damages the tenant caused and deducted those repair costs.

Our Pricing

We believe in being upfront and honest about pricing for our Los Angeles property management services.

For standard property management, we charge:
• 4-7 percent of gross rents per month
• A $200 one-time set-up fee
• A leasing fee equivalent to 50-60 percent of one month’s rent
• A renewal fee with rent increase of $100

Maintenance and repairs are on a per-case basis, and anything exceeding $500 must be approved by you.

Construction is on a per-bid basis.

If you’d like a la carte management and representation on a project, please let us know and we can provide a price quote for you.

Property Management



  • A $200 one-time set-up fee.
  • A leasing fee equivalent to 50-70 percent of one month’s rent.
  • A renewal fee of $100 with rent increase.
  • No hidden fees! No upcharges on dispatching maintenance techs or contractors.
  • All fees are clearly laid out in our management agreement.


  • Per-case basis, and anything exceeding $500 must be approved by you.
  • We use our preferred vendors so we can get the best rates and pass the savings along to you.
  • We do NOT upcharge to send out maintenance vendors. This is included in the monthly management fee.


  • Construction is on a per-bid basis.
  • We have preferred vendors we work with that can handle small jobs all the way up to full on remodels.
  • Our vendors give us special pricing and those savings will be passed on to you.
  • No upcharges for dispatching contractors!
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